Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sting Website Design

For my remaining project in Indesign, I had to design a website for a favorite musician or musical group. I chose Sting! The emphasis of the project was to come up with a pleasing design layout for the web. This is what I created for my favorite performer/musician Sting. I felt it suited his character as a musical artist by being contemporary and classy. The images taken from the net were used and enhanced using Photoshop. My layout to navigate to other pages were created using the stroke option in Indesign and 'beefed' up to a point to no longer resemble a simple line. The font is Arial and Times New Roman. There were 8 pages in all designed, here I am showing 6 of those. I wonder if Sting would approve. Maybe I should contact him some way to see it he likes it.

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